Spinal and extremity pain can negatively impact anyone’s lifestyle. The good news is that more treatment modalities are available to overcome the condition and achieve long-term relief. One of these is McKenzie physiotherapy, an internationally acclaimed means to assess and treat those conditions. Developed by Robin McKenzie, a physiotherapist from New Zealand, the McKenzie Method of MDT (Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy) is widely used by healthcare practitioners around the world, including chiropractors, physiotherapists, and kinesiologists. Besides being a treatment method, it’s a complete tool that involves all the steps for effective pain relief: assessment, classification, prevention, and treatment.

Know about the McKenzie exercises

McKenzie physiotherapy is effective because it involves exercises for treating back pain. However, these activities also aim to restore the range of motion, increase stability, and strengthen muscles. This way, the treatment helps eliminate or at least reduce the symptoms. To make it work, physiotherapists must determine the best exercises and postures to address existing symptoms. Moreover, these elements will vary and change throughout the treatment for optimum results.

Patient involvement is required

Although it’s important to see a qualified and highly trained therapist for the McKenzie technique, patients are also advised to work closely with this specialist for proper education and advice. A therapist will explain how to manage symptoms and when to change the position or make adjustments depending on the symptoms. This way, the patient is also the doctor throughout the McKenzie physiotherapy program. The role of the therapist is simply to educate and guide them so patients can make informed choices throughout their treatment. In addition, the therapist will teach patients how to prevent re-injury to reduce the risk of experiencing the same pain. Ultimately, the McKenzie technique emphasizes self-treatment and patient empowerment.

Ready to relieve pain?

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