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Physio Village is a proudly owned and operated physiotherapy clinic, established by professional physiotherapists who are focused on delivering state of the art care for all clients, employing years of experience, and combining standard physiotherapy approaches with innovative new methods towards one single goal……maximizing your health. We are able to provide highly effective and unique physiotherapy solutions for a broad range of advanced and complex conditions including; NeuroKinetic physiotherapy, knee replacement physiotherapy, orthopaedic rehabilitation for hip, knee, ankle, foot, shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand dysfunction and sports physiotherapy in Brampton & Oakville. Reach out to us today and have a conversation with our friendly physiotherapists at our Brampton & Oakville physiotherapy clinics.

Your Health at the Center: Our Personalized Treatment Approach

At Physio Village Clinic, your health is our priority. At our physiotherapy clinics in Oakville and Brampton, we take immense pride in our patient-centred approach to treatment. We recognize that each individual is unique, and as such, we customize our treatment plans to address the specific needs and goals of every patient. Our team of professional physiotherapists, chiropractors and Massage Therapist is committed to delivering advanced care, utilizing their extensive experience and expertise to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Our treatment approach focuses on holistic healing, addressing not only the symptoms but also the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction. We combine traditional physiotherapy techniques with innovative new methods to provide comprehensive care that addresses the body, mind, and spirit.

At Physio Village physio clinic in Oakville and Brampton we are dedicated to putting our patients at the center of everything we do. From the initial assessment through to ongoing treatment and rehabilitation, we collaborate closely with each individual to create personalized treatment plans that encourage healing, restore functionality, and enhance overall health and well-being.

Discover How Physio Village Physiotherapy Makes a Difference

Experience is key when it comes to physiotherapy in Oakville and Brampton. At Physio Village Clinic, our team of highly skilled and experienced physiotherapists is dedicated to delivering the highest quality care to our patients. Our clinic is led by professional physiotherapists who have undergone extensive training and possess years of experience in treating a wide range of conditions.

What sets us apart from other physiotherapy clinics is our commitment to excellence in patient care. We take the time to listen to our patients, understand their unique needs and goals, and develop customized treatment plans that address their specific concerns. Our team uses the latest evidence-based techniques and therapies to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients.

At Physio Village Clinic, we believe in supporting our patients to take control of their health and well-being. As your trusted provider of physio in Oakville and Brampton, we provide education and support to help you make informed decisions about your care and take an active role in your recovery. With our compassionate approach and personalized care, we strive to exceed your expectations and help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Healing Solutions: Explore Our Comprehensive Services

Physio Village Clinic offers a wide array of services to meet the diverse needs of our patients, including sports physiotherapy in Oakville and Brampton. From physiotherapy and orthotics to massage therapy, acupuncture, lymphedema, and chiropractic treatments, we provide a comprehensive range of healing modalities to promote health and well-being.

Our Brampton or Oakville physiotherapy services include specialized treatments such as Neurokinetic physiotherapy, Knee Arthritis ,disc herniation, Neck pains and Lower Back Pain.

In addition to a wide range of services offered at our Brampton or Oakville physiotherapy clinic, we also offer orthotics services to provide custom-made orthotics to support and correct foot and ankle issues. Our massage therapy treatments help to relax muscles, relieve tension, and improve circulation, while acupuncture offers natural pain relief and promotes overall wellness.

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We provide a wide array of services including Physiotherapy, Orthotics, Massage therapy, Acupuncture, Lymphedema and Chiropractic treatments.

At Physio Village Clinic, we are committed to providing comprehensive, patient-centred physiotherapy in Oakville and Brampton. With our range of services and experienced team of professionals, we are dedicated to helping our patients achieve optimal health and wellness. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at one of our conveniently located Brampton or Oakville physiotherapy clinics and experience the Physio Village Clinic difference.


Physio village clinic was and amazing experience. Great staff friendly environment, everyone had a vested interest in my recovery. The treatment provided, for my injury. I’m truly happy I found this physio, Job well done. Special Thanks to DR Amr
CN Wright
I have been going to Physio Village since it opened up. The service and quality of care is absolutely wonderful. The therapists are friendly, caring and compassionate. Amr El Gabry provides above exceptional care and multiple treatments as a physio therapist. He takes his time when assessing or providing care and never rushes anyone out with a “ quick fix”. I come all the way from downtown Toronto just to see him. In my opinion five stars is not enough. Amr was and is the only person who has been able to help me with my on going back issues. I highly recommend Physio Village Clinic!!!
Claudia Katona
This is by far the best place for all your Physiotherapy needs. I can openly say that most of my family has received treatment from Amr ElGabry and we have been more than satisfied. He is very passionate in what he does and treats his patients with thorough care. He listens to the concern with full attention to detail, assess with care and provides treatment accordingly. The girls at the front desk are also wonderful to work with. Thank you Amr and the entire PVC for being so helpful to the community.
Nidhi Dewan
Physio village clinic is a place to go for physio ,massage or acupuncture. My mother in law broke her collar bone .so after a month on a sling she could not move her arm. We took her to physio village and Amr started the treatment with 2 treatments she started to move better and better after each treatment. So is you are in pain come and get treatment here. You will feel much better.
Mario Correia
I highly recommend Phisio Village Clinic. I had treatment with Amr who is very patient and understanding. He took his time with each treatment and I got better within a few weeks. Everyone at the clinic is friendly and helpful, including the receptionist and all staff who work there. I highly recommend Physio Village Clinc to everyone who is looking for a very knowledgeable and honest environment with great healthcare staff!
Rob Xavier

Physio Village Updates

Treating pain and injuries with BioFlex Laser Treatment
BioFlex Laser Treatment combines laser and LED benefits to deliver Low Intensity Laser Therapy (LILT), which treats pain and injuries by accelerating the body’s healing process. Unlike other intense lasers, BioFlex Laser Treatment doesn’t heat up or cut the tissues. Instead, it gets to the root cause of the pain and inflammation and promotes organic healing. Each BioFlex Laser Treatment session lasts for around 15 minutes – 1 hour. The time taken to complete a session is dependent on factors like the treatment areas and the conditions. All in all, the treatment is effective and offers long-lasting benefits. To know more about BioFlex Laser Treatment, get in touch with the best physiotherapy clinic in Brampton.
The McKenzie Method explained
The McKenzie method, also known as mechanical diagnosis and therapy, is a diagnosis and treatment system that targets musculoskeletal disorders of the spine and the extremities. Developed by physiotherapist Robin McKenzie from New Zealand in 1981, the system emphasizes self-treatment and patient empowerment. The method consists of 4 steps:
  • Examining comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s medical history in order to understand their current behaviour.
  • Classifying the condition as a postural syndrome, dysfunction syndrome, or derangement syndrome.
  • Treating the patient through therapy for pain centralization, pain reduction, and complete recovery.
  • Preventing future relapses by encouraging patients to exercise regularly.
To learn more about this method, get in touch with our reputed physiotherapy clinic in Brampton.
Does Bioflex Laser Therapy Work?
Experts believe that low-intensity laser therapy can effectively treat conditions like sports injuries and joint pains. Bioflex laser therapy is one such treatment; it is not only safe and non-invasive but also effective. Bioflex laser therapy uses light photons of a particular wavelength (typically 660 nm or 840 nm) to penetrate cells and begin the healing process. You might not begin to feel better until you are at least two treatments into therapy. Patients usually require at least five treatments to resolve a problem completely, but that depends on the intensity of the problem and the individual’s response to therapy. If you suffer from sports injuries, arthritis, or musculoskeletal conditions, you might be able to get immense relief with Bioflex laser therapy.