Pain-relieving medications are no longer your only option when it comes to treating pain. There are numerous alternatives for you to explore, one of which is cupping therapy in Oakville. But is this treatment truly effective?  

Getting to know cupping therapy in Oakville

Cupping is an alternative form of massage therapy involving cups to create suction on the skin. It may appear painful due to the red marks caused by the cups pulling on the skin. But the process is generally very relaxing. Cupping therapy offers several benefits for the body and mind, including:
  • Reduced anxiety

A cupping session will typically involve the therapist sliding cups against your skin. This action helps engage your parasympathetic nervous system, or the part of the brain responsible for your “rest and digest” function. As a result, cupping slows your heart rate and helps you feel less anxious. Moreover, because it stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system, your body will be able to digest food more effectively and eliminate colon blockages.
  • Increased circulation

Cupping creates suction, which, in turn, increases blood flow in certain areas of the body. This improves your circulation, resulting in muscle relief and cell repair. Not only that, but better blood flow helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and varicose veins. Overall, cupping therapy encourages your tissues to release toxins and aids the lymphatic system in eliminating waste products.
  • Clear congestion

Are you asthmatic? A cupping session might be able to help. Placing suction over your body can help break up congested sinuses and airways, improving your ability to breathe.   Do regular medications and treatments fail to relieve your pain? If you’re searching for a reliable alternative, consider cupping therapy in Oakville at Physio Village Clinic. We treat a wide variety of cases with cupping, including sports injuries, headaches, and joint pain, all performed by experienced professionals. Schedule an appointment with our experts now to feel more refreshed and energetic than ever.