Playing a sport, whether competitively or recreationally, could make you prone to various injuries that may need medical intervention. Physiotherapy in Oakville can provide professional treatment to address various athletic injuries that may be hindering your movement and performance. Our sports physio in Oakville can provide the rehabilitative and therapeutic care you need to restore your health to a pre-injury state. Here at Physio Village Clinic, we closely follow the principles of physiotherapy to restore, promote, and maintain optimum physical function. With our licensed physiotherapists, we guarantee personalized treatments and care to all patients looking for reliable and effective physiotherapy in Oakville. If you have a sports injury, our physiotherapist will carefully assess, diagnose, and manage your physical problem. They conduct a thorough physical examination to determine your dysfunction’s root cause and provide an individualized rehabilitation and treatment program that best addresses your condition.

Beyond restoring movement

At Physio Village Clinic, we don’t just offer sports physio in Oakville to help you overcome the effects of an injury. We tailor our physiotherapy services to aid patients who may need rehabilitation from the effects of a disability or disease. In addition, our treatment provides tailored advice and education to promote wellness and prevent re-injury and disease. Our physiotherapists understand how your life can change because of an injury, chronic medical condition, accident, or re-injury. So, they aim to work closely with you to ensure you can resume the activities you enjoy. Our physiotherapy in Oakville involves a careful assessment to determine your range of motion, abnormal movement patterns, muscle strength, postural alignment, and body mechanics. Moreover, they will examine the quality of your movements when performing daily tasks. Based on your assessment, the physiotherapist will create a tailored sports physio care plan in Oakville. We’ll ensure it meets your recovery goals, so we encourage working closely with your physiotherapist using a team approach. In our experience, patients who collaborate with their physiotherapists get better quickly because they can establish clear goals that lead to more effective treatments.

Do you need physiotherapy?

Sports and any physical activity like exercise, weight-lifting, hiking, mountain climbing, and rock climbing can sometimes result in joint and muscle problems. Even non-contact sports like swimming, tennis, and golf can result in muscle tears and strains, bursitis, tendonitis, myofascial pain, and joint subluxation or dislocation. Unfortunately, those problems can persist and impact your game. Over time, they could even affect your overall quality of life. At Physio Village Clinic, we offer sports-specific physiotherapy in Oakville to effectively address your injury. This approach allows us to address the unique demands of your sport or activity and improve your chances of recovering faster. Our approach to sports physio in Oakville is usually different from what we do for general rehabilitation. We consider athletics and its competitive nature, and this typically requires a more aggressive approach while ensuring a safe and quick return to activities.

Rehabilitation from sports injuries and surgery

Some sports injuries may require surgery, such as knee arthroscopy, rotator cuff repairs, meniscal repairs, ligament and tendon repairs, and ACL reconstruction. If you are worried about recovery, we got your back. You can depend on physiotherapy in Oakville to assist in your treatment, rehabilitation, and reconditioning. Our physiotherapists offer post-surgical rehab and physical therapy services while following pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation protocols. Plus, they will collaborate with your surgeon to create a tailored treatment plan per their recommendation. At Physio Village Clinic, we are committed to providing a tailored approach to physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Our sports physio in Oakville will help facilitate your safe return to pre-injury activity level and provide the education necessary to prevent re-injury. We have over 25 years of treating and rehabilitating sports injuries, thanks to our close partnerships with elite soccer clubs and other teams. This makes us confident in our ability to assess your condition and recommend a personalized care plan. With our help, you don’t have to prolong your downtime due to a sports-related injury.

Physiotherapy treatments at Physio Village Clinic

Our physiotherapy services in Oakville can be part of your sports injury treatment and rehabilitation program. Here’s what we offer:
  • NeuroKinetic Therapy
Some sports injuries can cause persistent pain in your joints, back, or neck, causing your body to compensate with new movement patterns to keep you going and pain-free. However, your body will keep up with this new motor program even after the trauma heals. This results in an imbalance between the muscles, causing some to overwork themselves while others move minimally and making the problem persist. One way to resolve this is with NeuroKinetic therapy, which we can include in your sports physioin Oakville. This manual therapy uses motor control theory to restore the affected body parts’ normal motor patterns. Our practitioner identifies the pattern, alerts the body to the issue, and applies manual therapy techniques to correct the motor pattern and restore the balance in your muscles. This should provide immediate pain relief and restore your mobility.
  • Vestibular rehab
Do you unexplainably get dizzy or experience vertigo while playing your sport or doing other physical activities? These symptoms can prevent you from doing your best, affect your performance, and make you prone to accidents. In this case, we offer physiotherapy in Oakville that includes vestibular rehab. Our trained vestibular rehab therapist will include this treatment in your sports physioin Oakvilleto help you overcome the symptoms. Your therapy will involve manual therapy techniques and exercises to manage vertigo and balance issues. We also recommend this physiotherapy in Oakville if you have other medical conditions that could impact your game and performance, such as migraine headaches, Ménière disease, labyrinthitis, traumatic brain injury or concussion, and vestibular neuritis.

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