Are aches and pains stopping you from doing your best in your sport? It might be time to try physiotherapy in Oakville to restore and optimize your mobility and physical function. And you don’t have to look elsewhere because it’s one of our specialties at Physio Village Clinic. We have in-house physiotherapists ready to assess and diagnose your condition and provide a custom therapy plan to treat and manage your physical problems. When you visit us, a highly trained physio in Oakville will work closely with you to determine your dysfunction and its root cause through a thorough physical examination. Whether you’re a professional athlete, play sports as a hobby, or fitness enthusiast, you can count on our Oakville physiotherapy experts to take good care of you and help with your rehabilitation.

Why come to us for physiotherapy?

Physio Village Clinic has been offering physiotherapy in Oakville for years. We acknowledge that each person is unique and, as a result, needs a customized treatment plan. This is why our physio in Oakville carefully tailors every rehabilitation plan based on the patient’s needs and the effects of an injury or disability. Additionally, our physiotherapists provide wellness education and advice for preventing re-injury and disease. Our Oakville physiotherapy professionals understand how your daily life can drastically change due to an accident, injury, chronic medical condition, or re-injury. Plus, they know that these incidents can prevent you from doing the activities you love. With their help and our top-notch physiotherapy in Oakville, we will help you restore your overall health, well-being, and mobility to keep you moving again.

How do we work?

At Physio Village Clinic, a registered physio in Oakville carefully assesses your condition by determining your muscle strength, postural alignment, and range of motion. They will also look into abnormalities in your body mechanics, movement patterns, and how you move with your daily activities. Based on your assessment results, our Oakville physiotherapy experts will create a personalized care plan to meet your recovery and wellness goals.

Working as a team

We have been practising physiotherapy in Oakville long enough to know that patient recovery is not merely dependent on our seasoned physiotherapists. We also encourage you to work with your physiotherapist as a team to recover quicker. According to research, patients who are highly involved in their therapy get better much faster than those who are not. Your physio in Oakville will help you set clear treatment goals based on your injury. Our experts combine the latest techniques in sports physiotherapy and physical therapy for optimum results and adjust your care plan as your condition improves. Rest assured, our Oakville physiotherapy professionals will work closely with you until you are better. Let’s take a look at some of the services that can be part of your physiotherapy in Oakville:

Physical therapy

Physical therapy services can encompass different treatments, from orthopedic rehabilitation to sports injuries, post-surgical rehab, and recovery from myofascial pain and fibromyalgia. Our physio in Oakville can help with neurological rehabilitation, exercise education, therapeutic stretching programs, and balance re-education. If required, they can conduct postural analysis and provide the relevant corrective treatments.

Physiotherapy for sports injuries

While most sports injuries are preventable, some happen due to accidents, repeated trauma, or other people’s carelessness. We have also encountered cases where certain activities can cause joint and muscle problems, specifically in contact sports like soccer, basketball, football, and hockey. Whether you play sports for fun or professionally, our Oakville physiotherapy team will address any injury you have incurred. Do you play non-contact sports like tennis, swimming, and golf? These activities can also cause injuries, like tendonitis, muscle strains and tears, bursitis, myofascial pain, and joint sprains. If you experience pain and inflammation, don’t hesitate to seek physiotherapy in Oakville from Physio Village Clinic. Otherwise, letting these issues persist can impact your quality of life and prevent you from playing and enjoying your game.

The Oakville physiotherapy

Our physio in Oakville has a different approach to treating and rehabilitating sports injuries. We understand that athletics has a competitive nature, and this requires a more aggressive approach tailored to the unique qualities and demands of the sport. Rest assured, our Oakville physiotherapy experts will help you resume your activities safely and quickly. That said, we also understand that some sports injuries may require surgical treatment, such as knee arthroscopy, ACL reconstruction, and repairs around the tendons, ligaments, and rotator cuffs. In these cases, we offer physiotherapy in Oakville for rehabilitation and reconditioning to facilitate your safe return to your sport and avoid re-injury. With more than 25 years of rehabilitating sports injuries, our physio in Oakville is available to examine your condition and provide a personalized treatment plan. Our goal is to ease your pain and suffering from sports-related injuries so you don’t have to endure them and stop playing.

Are your movements affecting your game?

Some athletes who tolerate joint, neck, and back pain subconsciously adjust their bodies to compensate and avoid pain. As a result, they keep moving that way, even when physiotherapy in Oakvilleresolves the original injury, causing an abnormal pattern that creates muscle imbalance. Some muscles end up overworking themselves, causing long-lasting and persistent problems. Our Oakville physiotherapists can correct this problem with NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT). Our physio in Oakville tailors this manual therapy to every patient and applies the motor control theory to restore normal movements in affected body parts. After detecting the abnormal movement pattern, our Oakville physiotherapy NKT practitioner will alert your body and apply manual therapy to re-balance the muscles and promote correct motor patterns. Physiotherapy in Oakville with NeuroKinetic Therapy can relieve pain quickly and restore mobility. Our physio in Oakville is extensively trained in NKT and ready to assess your condition, so don’t hesitate to book an appointment. Call 905-465-9191 to learn more about our Oakville physiotherapy services.