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Custom-made foot orthotic at Physio Village physiotherapy clinic in Oakville is a medical grade device worn within shoes to correct or alleviate foot problems caused by abnormalities or injury. Common foot problems that are helped by orthotics include: flat feet, high arched feet, planter fasciitis, Tendonitis, diabetic foot, shin splints, hip pains, knee pains and lower back pains.

The primary goal of a custom made foot orthotic is to avoid future injury to the foot structures as well as the knees, hips, and back by stabilizing the tendons and ligaments in the foot and so changing the posture in standing, walking, and running.

Foot orthotics are covered with most of EHC plans.

Our physiotherapists and chiropractors at Physio Village physiotherapy clinic in Oakville can determine if a foot orthotic is necessary for your condition. For optimal comfort and performance during your everyday routine, a custom-made orthotic will be created just for you.


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