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Inflammation of the lymph nodes, lymphedema is a disorder characterized by localized accumulation of lymph fluids due to obstruction of the lymphatic system, which can cause varying degrees of edema, impaired mobility, and increased susceptibility to infection.


No definite trigger has been identified for primary lymphedema. New evidence reveals that this may occur due to a hereditary abnormality that disrupts lymphatic system development. Women are more likely than males to experience symptoms from primary lymphedema, and the condition is more common in the legs than the arms.


Lymphedema is a common side effect of cancer treatments and is most prevalent following surgeries for breast, testicles, head, and colon cancer. Radiation therapy, chronic inflammatory disorders, and certain heart and lung conditions are other contributors to secondary lymphedema.

Lymphedema symptoms include –

  • Pain, heaviness, and restricted movement.
  • Perceived deformity, which is a key aspect for a large percentage of lymphedema patients.
  • The development of secondary consequences such as joint stiffness, muscle weakness, back and neck discomfort, skin infections, sores, and ulcers.

Patients with lymphedema can rely on the timely and effective treatment provided by our program at Physio Village physiotherapy clinic in Oakville. Our lymphedema therapist has extensive experience and is a recognized expert in CDT (Complex Decongestive Therapy).

What do we do at Physio Village?

Compression bandaging, decompression exercises, and careful skin care are all part of CDT. As a tried-and-true treatment option, Bioflex LASER therapy is frequently prescribed to those suffering with lymphedema. For a speedier recovery and fewer setbacks, our Lymphedema Therapist in physio village physiotherapy clinic in Oakville offers One-on-one care, home care programs, patient and family education, and connections to local resources are all part of the comprehensive high-quality Lymphedema management program


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