Many people seek physio in Oakville only when they are injured or suddenly feel debilitating aches or pains. But at Physio Village Clinic, we offer physiotherapy in Oakville that goes beyond treating and rehabilitating injuries. After all, physiotherapy is the art of restoring, maintaining, and promoting optimum physical function. As such, our solutions also aim to address the effects of a disability or disease, provide advice and education for wellness, and prevent re-injury and disease. If you find your life and habits have changed due to a re-injury, accident, injury, or a chronic medical condition, visit our Oakville physiotherapy clinic to meet with an experienced physiotherapist. Our experts will customize a treatment plan based on your condition to help restore your mobility and get you back to doing the things you love. Our physiotherapists are registered medical professionals qualified to assess your muscle strength, range of motion, movement pattern abnormalities, and postural alignment. In addition, they can address your body mechanics and movement quality with your daily activities. From your assessment results, they will create a customized care plan that aims to meet your recovery goals.

For long-term wellness

Our approach to physiotherapy in Oakville is unlike what most of our clients expect from traditional physical therapy. During treatment, we encourage our clients to collaborate with their physiotherapists to increase their chances of recovering sooner. At Physio Village Clinic, we believe that patients who get involved in their Oakville physiotherapy program get better faster. We encourage you to work with your physiotherapist to establish clear goals that will set the course of your treatment and maximize the results of your therapy for your specific injury.

What can you expect during treatment?

At Physio Village Clinic, we offer physiotherapy in Oakville that is tailored specifically to your injury or condition. This is why no treatment program is exactly the same for every client. Your Oakville physiotherapy program could include a combination of ART, manual therapy, strength and flexibility exercises, gait retraining, movement correction, and balance and coordination training. If necessary, we may include electrotherapy modalities, such as IFC, Bioflex laser, ultrasound, and TENS.

When should you come in for treatment?

Most people are unsure about whether they need physio in Oakville, and as a result, they delay their treatment or come in only when their condition worsens and becomes debilitating. At Physio Village Clinic, we can address a wide range of conditions, no matter how minor or severe. Consider booking an appointment if you require these services:
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Orthopedic rehabilitation for foot, ankle, hip, knee, hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder dysfunction
  • Sports injury treatment
  • Neurological rehab
  • Spinal stabilization exercise programs
  • Rehab for myofascial pain syndrome and fibromyalgia
  • NeuroKinetic Therapy
  • Advanced manual therapy techniques
  • Spinal stabilization exercise programs
  • Therapeutic stretching programs
  • Exercise education
  • Balance re-education
Based on our experience, patient education and tailored advice are also critical for successful Oakville physiotherapy programs. This is why we ensure one-on-one time with a qualified therapist for more personalized care and assistance relevant to your unique needs.

How can physiotherapy in Oakville help with long-term wellness?

We offer various solutions to address specific health and wellness concerns. Our Oakville physiotherapy programs include the following:

Post-surgical rehabilitation

We offer physiotherapy in Oakville to clients recovering from orthopedic or spinal surgeries. Rest assured that our comprehensive post-surgical rehab and physical therapy services are delivered with the utmost compassionate care as we follow the most advanced post- and pre-surgical rehabilitation protocols. Moreover, we offer hands-on therapy and personalized treatment plans based on your surgeon’s advice and the latest evidence-based post-surgical standards.

NeuroKinetic Therapy

When you have an injury, your body overcompensates by using other muscles and altering its movement to minimize pain and discomfort. As a result, your body gets used to these new movements and will keep doing them, even after the injury heals. At Physio Village Clinic, we offer NeuroKinetic Therapy as part of our Oakville physiotherapy programs to correct abnormal movement patterns. It’s a form of physiotherapy in Oakville that applies the motor control theory to restore the regular motor pattern of affected body parts. Once our physiotherapist detects unusual movement patterns, they will alert your body to the problem and use manual therapy to restore balance between the muscles. Additionally, they will guide your body to correct motor patterns, resulting in immediate mobility restoration and pain relief. Our physiotherapists are skilled and highly trained in this Oakville physiotherapy method to restore and promote long-term wellness.

Vestibular rehabilitation

If you often experience lightheadedness and vertigo, then you know that these conditions can prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest. We offer the latest developments and treatments in physiotherapy in Oakville to address these symptoms, including feelings of passing out, floating, spinning, tilting, or swaying. With vestibular rehab, your Oakville physiotherapy program will involve manual therapy techniques and exercises to manage balance issues, vertigo, and nausea. Many patients can benefit from this rehabilitation therapy— including those with balance issues, traumatic brain injury, Meniere disease, vestibular neuritis, labyrinthitis, stroke, and migraine headaches. We also combine this physio treatment in Oakville with exercise-based programs to address falls and imbalance, gaze instability, and dizziness.

Sports injuries

Did you get injured from exercise or playing sports? Consider getting physiotherapy in Oakville. Rehabilitating athletes and fitness enthusiasts is among our specialties at Physio Village Clinic. You can count on our physio clinic in Oakville to provide a custom treatment and rehabilitation program for your sport-specific injury. We understand that persistent sports injuries can impact your quality of life and athletic performance because they cause pain and mobility issues. As such, we apply a more aggressive approach while addressing the unique needs of your sport when personalizing your Oakville physiotherapy treatment. Our goal is to help you resume your activities safely and quickly. We also provide education and tailored advice to prevent re-injury and optimize your athletic performance. Are you ready to start your journey to long-term wellness with physiotherapy in Oakville? Call Physio Village Clinic at 905-465-9191 to book an appointment with our qualified physio in Oakville.