The body is an athlete’s most valuable tool. However, the body can be quite vulnerable, easily yielding to muscle strain, dislocation, fractures, and other common musculoskeletal injuries. As an athlete, your number one priority must be to take good care of your body, and a sports physio in Oakville can help you with the task.  

Why every athlete needs a sports physio in Oakville

  • Relieve pain

It’s common for athletes to experience some sort of pain, from shin splints caused by muscle inflammation to the runner’s knee due to tenderness under the kneecap. These conditions can lead to even more serious injuries, possibly affecting your performance or sports career. Sports physiotherapists are well-equipped to alleviate the pain you’re experiencing and find ways to prevent further injuries. For instance, football players may visit their therapists after an intense game to relieve muscle tension.
  • Improve flexibility

Strength is not the only thing an athlete needs. In addition, you must be flexible, allowing your muscles and joints to move in ways that can improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. Several physical therapy exercises can help enhance your flexibility, including lunges, quad stretches, and seat stretches.
  • Stay relaxed

Rest is just as important as exercise for athletes. If you don’t get enough sleep or fail to cool down after an intense workout, you are only hurting yourself in the long run. But what if you have trouble relaxing after a particularly stressful day? A licensed physiotherapist may recommend exercises and activities that will help your muscles relax, such as upper body stretches and light jogging.   You don’t have to let pain limit your performance. An experienced sports physio in Oakville will make sure that your body is in its best shape no matter what, taking your physical abilities to the next level. Book an appointment with us at Physio Village Clinic now and start seeing the best physiotherapists in Oakville.