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Our spine is a unique structure that requires stability and a great deal of mobility at the same time. Stability to hold body parts together, and mobility to allow us to bend, twist, sit and lie down. That is why it is prone to injuries more than any other part of the body on a daily basis.

In modern life, people do not realize how they are mistreating their spines, either by prolonged sitting or lack of exercise. This results in limited mobility of the spine either at the back, the neck, or both. If not addressed properly; stiffness and lack of mobility of the spinal segments can lead to further complications of the spine – such as disc herniation, nerve root compression, persistent headaches, vision issues and lack of sleep.

Chiropractic care

At PVC Physiotherapy Brampton, our experienced chiropractors can help with finding the solution to your spinal issues by adjusting the proper segments and regaining flexibility at affected parts.

However, chiropractic treatment not only benefits the spine, but it can also help with other conditions such as headaches, tendonitis, subluxations, dislocations, and more. At PVC, your chiropractic assessment will include a thorough inspection that includes gathering the history of your problem, a proper examination of your whole body, and the exploration of treatment options for your issue.


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