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Amr EL Gabry (BSc (PT), DPT)

Amr is a physiotherapist with 20 years of clinical experience; He is graduated from Cairo University in Egypt in 1998.

Working through different countries of the world with a license to practice in different 4 countries including USA, made him able to find his own approach with patients suffering from different pathologies. He finds himself in the area where physiotherapy is a holistic approach and a partnership between therapist and patients.

Amr has a passion for manual therapy and mobilization methods. He was able to develop a unique set of manual therapy and mobilization methods; using up to date techniques such as Mulligan, McKenzie, Active Release, Myofascial Release and Neuro Kinetic therapy. He is able to employ them in the best interest of the patient, delivering the care that is patient centered achieving maximum benefits and recovery in short period of time.

Being a lecturer for physiotherapy during the course of his career made him able to deliver some of his clinical experience to a wide population of physiotherapy practitioners Further pursuing his passion to widen his knowledge, he was able to have the Doctor of Physiotherapy degree (DPT) from Syracuse University, NY. in 2015. Traditional Chinese medicine always has been a passion for Amr, something he wanted to explore for a while, now the time has come; Amr is enrolled in an acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine diploma that he wishes to expand his knowledge and facilitates patient care at the best level.

In his spare time; Amr likes to read especially about history; in particular pharaonic history, also he enjoys playing and watching soccer.